Incredible Guide on How to Start a Blog in India

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I know you are very much interested to start your blogging journey. Today, I’m going to show you how you can start a blog in India completely from scratch.

You are here that means, you want to learn how to start a blog in India?

I promised you

This guide will definitely help you to clear all your doubts and kick start your own blog.

But, before we move forward.

I need one promise from you that you will read each and every line of this guide because if you miss any important point then you will be caught in trouble for successfully setting up your blog.


Starting a blog is the same in every country and it's very easy, even 8th standard kids can start a blog.

Starting a blog is one of the greatest decision I had made in my life

Blogging is the way from which you will able to earn a decent amount of money but for that, you have to passionate about it and put all the effort into it.

Blogging has the power to transform your life completely and I know you can do it too.

So without any further delay let’s get started.

Here down below you will see the index, what we are going to learn for starting the money-making blog.

Incredible Guide on How to Start a Blog in India

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Table of Content (How to Start a Blog in India?)

Chapter 1: Choose a Right and Profitable Niche to Start a Blog in 2021

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The selection of a blogging niche is a very important step and it needs very close attention. Many people are not consistent with their blogging niche due to incorrect Niche Selection.

What is Niche?

In simple words, a blogging niche is a topic or category you will write about on your blog.

Let's understand with an example,

Suppose, we consider "Blogging" as a niche which means in this niche we are going to learn Blogging-related knowledge like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, WordPress, etc.

How to Select Blogging Niche? and Start a Blog in India Completely from Scratch?

It is the most common question and everyone who is going to start blogging journey has overcome this question.

Most of the newbie bloggers choose their niche by seeing the profit in that particular niche that's the biggest mistake they make at the beginning which resulting failure in blogging.


The selection of niche is totally depends on your passion, Interest,  And Knowledge because when you follow your passion then nobody will stop you from success in blogging.

Following your passion and interest, you will share your knowledge in the best way and that's the way of success.

Here is the deal

So, How do you select the right and profitable niche? I have an awesome plan which helps you to find the niche.

Step by step process to find the best niche

  • Take pen and paper and write down your topic about which you are passionate.
  • Select one of the niches from which you can solve other's problems.
  • Check that how you can make money from a selected niche.
  • Check out the future scope of your niche.
  • Check out can you consistently write about your niche.

If you satisfy all the above criteria then you are all setup and you are Good to Go.

If you are still confused to find the perfect niche then check out these 5 step guide to find a profitable niche.

Chapter 2: Choose A Good Domain Name for Your Blog

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Domain Name itself contains "Name" from which we know it is the name of our website.

The domain name is the identity of every website.

Selecting a domain name is not a very hard task. If you follow my step-by-step guide within few minutes you have your domain ready.

Before we move forward let me tell you some basic information.

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  • HTTPS:- HyperText Transfer Protocol
  • WWW:- World Wide Web
  • Domain:- BloggingGlory
  • .com:- Extension (The domain which has .com extension known as Top Level Domain (TLD))

Decide your domain name by following simple steps:

  • Step 1: Do proper research depending on your niche.
  • Step 2: Observe your competitor's domain name (for example my niche is blogging so I choose BloggingGlory)
  • Step 3: Here is the bonus for you, I have use LeanDomainSearch for Selecting my domain name.
  • Step 4: After deciding the domain name we have to register it from the domain name registrar. 

Points to be kept in mind before deciding domain name.

  • Keyword: Your domain must have a keyword related to your niche. It is easy to read and helps your visitors to remember quickly. Also, it is considered a ranking factor up to some extent. 
  • Top-Level Domain (TLD): Try to get a top-level domain extension (.com domain is called a top-level domain). TLD is mostly preferred and we can use it for international targeting.
  • Short and Simple: Try to keep your domain short and simple so that it is remembered by your visitors quickly.
  • Don't Use Number: Don't use the number in your domain name because it is not remembered and it looks unprofessional.

So follow the above tips and choose the best domain of your niche.

Note: The domain name registration is cost you around 700Rs - 800Rs and if you want to get a domain name absolutely free then you need to buy Hostinger premium web hosting plan for 12 or more months you can check Hostinger premium plan.

Chapter 3: Find Good and Affordable Hosting

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I hope you have selected a fabulous domain name. Now it's time to choose good and affordable hosting to host your site.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the online server or storage where your website/blog images, videos, audios, and all other web data are stored and provided to the visitor when they access your site.

There are lots of hosting providers all over the world. But, Selecting the best and affordable hosting will decide the future of your blog.

Probably if you are thinking about " How to Start Blog in India? " then I will guide you simply step by step. 

While selecting web hosting you have to check many parameters:

  • Web Hosting Price 
  • Superfast Server
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Security
  • Server Uptime
  • Easy to Use
  • Moneyback Guarantee

So considering all the above points I recommend to go for the Hostinger.


As a beginner, Hostinger is the best, Superfast, and Affordable web hosting in 2021.

I am also using Hostinger to host my blog, "Blogging Glory".

You won't Believe It !!!

See some real proof below "Why to Select Hostinger?"

Why I Choose Hostinger?

1)Speed: The speed of the hostinger is super-fantastic. I check my website speed on Google page speed insight and GTmetrix.

1. Google Page Speed on Desktop

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2. Google Page Speed on Mobile

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3. GTmetrix Page Speed 

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2)Affordable Price: As a beginner, we always try for the low investment. In fact, many people have a very tight and low budget, so Hostinger is the best deal for you.

There are many more other web hosting services, but at this price range, no one will give the service like Hostinger. 

So as a beginner, I strongly recommend to go for the Hostinger.

3)Customer Service: Hostinger has awesome customer service. I especially like hostinger customer service because it provides 24/7/365 days live chat support. So in case, we have some issue it will solve within some time with friendly live chat support.

Hostinger Come with the Following Feature

  • Special Powerful Control Panel
  • DNS Management
  • Webmail Access
  • Subdomain
  • Parked Domain Facility
  • FTP Account
  • File Manager
  • Weekly Backup
  • SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Free Domain for 1year (In some of the Plans)
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Email Account
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Access Manager
  • Multiple Php Version
  • Php Configuration
  • One Click Installer
  • Cache Manager
  • Cloudflare Protection
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  •  WordPress and Many more

Note: Always check the features of the particular hosting plan before making any purchase.

Follow the Step by Step Process to Purchase the Hosting

Here I am sharing a detailed guide on "How to Buy Hostinger Hosting?"

You can get best discount by purchasing the hosting from the ad shown below or by using this special link. 

Click on the special link and you will redirect to Hostinger.

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Click on Start Now and get the up to 70% discount with a free domain and SSL certificate

Now you will see the main three web hosting plans Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting.

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If you are a beginner, you can go with the Single Web Hosting plan. But, in this plan, you don't get a free domain name. You have to purchase it separately with the approximate cost of Rs 700/-.

So my recommendation is to go with the Premium Web Hosting Plan and get the domain completely free for 1 Year. Even I am using the same Premium Web Hosting plan for this blog.

After selecting the plan, click on Add to Cart.

Then choose the minimum 12 months or more plan according to your budget. 

Here I have an important suggestion that doesn't ever go for the 1 month plan because it is a very short time and only the blog setup will take a month to complete.

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If you select a premium web hosting plan for 12 months or more then Congratulations you are eligible to get a free domain name.

So to get a free domain scroll down and type your domain name in the domain search box for checking the availability. Also, you can choose the domain extension like .com, .online, .net, .xyz, etc from the dropdown arrow shown on the right side of the domain search box.

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Then, on your right side click on Checkout Now.

Create your account on Hostinger by providing Your Name, Email & Set Password, and hit Create Account and Checkout.

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Next, choose the payment method and complete your payment.

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Suppose you selected the card payment option then fill in all your card details and click PAY NOW.

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Congrats!!! You have successfully purchased the hosting. 

Now we need to Install WordPress, for that follow the below chapter 4.

Chapter 4: Setup Your Blog on WordPress

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After purchasing your domain and hosting, now it's time to set up your blog on WordPress.

Installing WordPress is not a very hard task. 

If you purchase hosting from hostinger then it's very simple. Installing process hardly takes 2-3 minutes.

First of all, You need to Log In to the hostinger account using your registered email and password.

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After that, you need to click on the Manage button under the hosting tab. 

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Then you will redirect to the hostinger special dashboard which is called Hpanel.

Listen, Don't worry

This Hpanel is similar and more advance than the general C-panel. 

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Here you will see all the options required to set up your blog.

So now, the question is

How to install WordPress in hostinger?

In this Hpanel scroll down and look for the Auto installer under the website section.

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Click on the Auto Installer and then you will see WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla.

Here we are going to use WordPress so select it.

Then, it will ask some details like

  • Administrator Username
  • Administrator Email 
  • Administrator Password
  •  Website Title

Note: At the beginning don't forget to select the https:// option for getting secured protocol for your blog.

Now after filling in all data Click Install and you are good to go.

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After that, you will redirect to the dashboard where you will have to do some important setting.

  • Switch on the Force HTTPS
  • Enable SSL Certificate

Apart from that one more important setting you need to do for more security and more speed is to turn on the Cloudflare protection.

To turn it ON you need to go to Domain>> Cloudflare>> Turn on Service Status

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Also set SSL/Encrypt communication on Full & Security level on High and Click Save.

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Kudos, You are all set

It's time to go to the WordPress dashboard and edit your website.

There are two ways to go to WordPress Dashboard 

Method 1: After login to hostinger, click on the manage button in the hosting tab then go to the dashboard and in the right sidebar click on the Edit Website then fill in the username/email address and password which have entred during WordPress installation.

Method 2: In this method, you don't need to login to hostinger. Type your blog URL in google and after that enter wp-admin and then search, Now enter username/email address and password and login to WordPress dashboard.

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Let's try with an example

Entre URL in the search bar and then search it.

Then type your Email and Password & click login

I recommend you bookmark this URL so that it is easier for you to access the admin panel quickly. (Note: Change with your domain)

In this way, you successfully install WordPress on your blog.

Chapter 5: Find Lightweight & Superfast WordPress Theme

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After successful installation of WordPress now blog design is very important.

We all Know, First Impression is the Last Impression

So your blog design and appearance will decide how much time users will spend on your blog. Good blog design always helps in building the trust of your audience. 

If the user will not stay on your blog then there are high chances that they will not come to your blog again.

So, choosing the right and the fast theme is always important.

There are lots of free themes available in WordPress but the problem with that theme is they are not lightweight and take more time to load.

If you start blogging for the long term then my recommendation is to go for the premium themes.

Invest some money


If you used premium themes this experience is awesome which will not get in using free themes. 

Overall in the future when your blog will grow up, in that case, you may have to change the free theme and go for a premium one so changing all website structure/design is very hard for you. So before moving forward choose the theme wisely.

Which is Best Theme for Your Blog?

I am using the GeneratePress Premium theme on this blog. The main reason for using GeneratePress is its Lightweight (size under 50Kb) and that's why it's more faster than other themes.

Due to its lightweight and fast loading facility, it is used and recommended by many Pro Blogger.

The GeneratePress Premium theme is load faster, that's why it helps your website to rank in Search Engine Result Page.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit these special link to get GeneratePress Premium

Again, if you have any confusion 

whether to buy GeneratePress Premium or not?

Don't worry 

I am here for you!

Let's see some value for money features of GeneratePress Premium Theme  

  • Ultra lightweight (size under 50kb)
  • Responsive
  • Faster Loading Speed
  • Easy to use and Costomize
  • Pre-made site template library
  •  Seo Friendly
  • Schema Optimized

How to Purchase GeneratePress Premium Theme?

If you are ready to purchase the GeneratePress Premium Theme then this is the best decision of your blogging journey. Here I am sharing with you all the step by step process on How to buy a generatepress theme.

Step 1: You need to click on this Magical link to buy GeneratePress Premium Theme.

and you will redirect to the GeneratePress Site. 

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Step 2: Now click on the Premium >> Get it Now. 

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Step 3: Here, you will see 2 plans yearly plan & lifetime plan. According to your budget, choose one of the plan and hit Get Started Button.

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Step 4: Now your theme is added to the cart so click the Login if you have already an account on GeneratePress otherwise create an account by Entering your Email, First Name, Username & Password.

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Step 5: Select the payment method and fill in all the billing information. Then click Purchase.

  • Save

Step 6: Log in to your GeneratePress account and go to the Account >> Download.

Now you will see Download Button click on it to download the plugin and there you will see the License Key copy and save it.

Step 7: Now it's time to install the GeneratePress theme in WordPress. Login to your WordPress dashboard and install a free version of the GeneratePress theme.

Step 8: Then go to Plugin >> Add New >> Upload Plugin >> Install and Activate GP Premium Plugin. 

(Here you have to upload the plugin/GP Premium theme which you had downloaded from the GeneratePress website, This is basically a plugin of GeneratePress which also called GeneratePress Premium Theme)

Step 9: After that, To activate the GP premium feature we need to paste License Key so for that go to Appearance >> GeneratePress >> Updates (On the right sidebar) >> Paste License Key and Hit Save.

Now we have to mark on All the Feature >> Activate >> Click Apply.

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Congratulations!!! You successfully activated all the premium features of GeneratePress Premium Theme.

Chapter 6: Install some Important Plugin for Your Blog

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WordPress Plugin is like the hands of every website

The blog is incomplete or almost impossible to design and manage

The plugin is used to optimize content, SEO purpose, design purpose, speed up the website, automation, and many more.

There are lots of plugins some are free and some are paid that make your blog to the next level.

So, without wasting time I am sharing my favorite list of plugin

Here is the list of a plugin that I personally use to grow my blog 

1. Akismet Anti-Spam: This plugin is related to the spammy comment. If someone makes a spammy comment on your blog. Then this plugin automatically Block and remove it. Akismet Anti-Spam comes in free as well as Pro version, but the free version is enough to handle spam comment.

2. Thrive Architect: Thrive architect is the page builder that is used to design the pages of the blog. This plugin gives the facility to built a professional blog page. I have designed this page using Thrive architect plugin.

3. Thrive Leads: Thrive lead is the plugin used to collect the e-mail of your reader. You will often find e-mail popups on the popular blog. This popup is most of the time made using Thrive leads.

4. Rank Math SEO: SEO is most important for every blog because without SEO your blog will not rank and drive traffic. There are many SEO plugins, but I am using Rank Math and I recommend it because It has more features than other SEO plugins.

5. Social Snap: Social Snap is used to share blog content on different social media platforms. By this, if readers share your content on social media you will get traffic.

6. WP Rocket: This is one of the popular and mostly used plugin in the blogging industry. WP Rocket is the caching and blog optimization plugin from which you can make your blog super fast. I strongly recommend this plugin because blog speed is one of the ranking factor.

7. This is a free plugin available in WordPress. It is used to optimize and compress the images on your blog which makes your blog load faster.

8. Wordfence Security: This plugin help to protect your blog from hackers and malware attacks. It has both free and paid versions available. 

If you don't know how to install a plugin,

I am here to help you

Login to your WordPress dashboard

  1. Go to plugin
  2. On the upper side look for Add New button and click on it
  3. Search in WordPress if Plugin is free OR Choose upload option if plugin is paid/already available on your device
  4. You need to upload the plugin in .zip format and click install
  5. After successful installation "click activate".

So in this way you may, install and activate the plugin on your blog.

Warning: Don't ever try to use nulled or crack themes and plugins on your blog. These types of themes and plugins may contain viruses, malware, or malicious files. If you use them, then there are high chances that your site will get hacked in the future and you will lose all your website data.

So, I strongly recommend you to go for premium themes and plugins if you want to do Blogging as a Business. so you need to invest some money in themes and plugins.

Chapter 7: Write & publish your first blog post Which make your blog alive

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You are done with every setup and now it's time to write and publish the first blog post on your blog.

How to write the first blog post?

It's very simple to write and publish the post. You just need to follow my instruction and you are good to go.

First of all login to WordPress dashboard  >> Click post >> Add New and you will see the content writing area to write your content.

Hard to understand?

See the below snapshot.

  • Save
  • Save

In this way, you can write and publish content.

But wait,

I want to share some tips to write an amazing blog post

  • To write any article do some keyword research for that use tools like Ubersuggest which is giving you 3 free searches per day.
  • Also, make sure that use long-tail keywords because they are easy to rank and have clear search intent.
  • Make an attractive title of your blog post using power words in it.
  • Do proper On-Page SEO of your post.
  • Include images, videos in the post.
  • Satisfy your visitor's search intent by writing an awesome post.

So, I think you are now able to create and publish the first best blog post on your blog.

Chapter 8: Promote Your Blog in right way

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After publishing a blog post if you are not getting any traffic then this guide will help you to increase your traffic.

Traffic means money,

Without traffic, you will not make single money from your blog and there is no use of this blog

But Don't worry I help you to get a lot of traffic on your blog


For getting the traffic you need to inform people that you have published a post on your blog 

But wait you don't tell people directly that "Here is My Blog Link Just Go and Read it" 

There are some technique to promote blog post which is known as Blog Promotion Technique

Many of the newbie bloggers underestimate the blog promotion which is very much important.

So, here I am sharing "how to promote your blog post in write way"

1. Quora: 

You guys know about quora very well but haven't used it yet to promote a blog post


My friend, you are losing lots of traffic.

So what you have to do is create an account on Quora and search for the questions related to your niche.

Then answer that question in very short and then drop your blog post link saying that "You can read more about it using the link"

Note: Don't share so many links in one answer otherwise, Quora will block your account. Don't share the only link, write some article and then attach your link.

2. Facebook:

Facebook is also one of the traffic sources.

You have to create a Facebook group and then post the content in your group

Share some knowledge with the people and make conversation with the bloggers of your niche

Share your blog post in your Facebook Group so people will visit your blog.

3. Twitter: 

Twitter is one of the largest platform where you can promote your content very easily and gain quality traffic to your blog

First, share some knowledge on Twitter and increase your followers then redirect your follower to your blog

4. YouTube:

YouTube is also the platform that has a lot of ability to get high-quality traffic to your blog

If you like to create video content then just go for it and share your blog post in that video so that people will redirect to your blog.

Also, there are many social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. you can give it try as well and implement the same strategy as I told you for the above platform.

Chapter 9: Proven Ways to Make Money From Your Blog 

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This is an important and most awaited step from which you can make money from your blog

Every blogger makes their blog due to two main reasons 1st they have a passion and 2nd one they want to earn some extra income.

The question arises is "How you can make money from your blog?"

There are many ways to make money from a blog, you can monetize your blog with a different ad network, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, etc.

Let's talk about it one by one in detail.

1. Ad Network:

Ad networks are those which post their ads on your blog. There are many ad networks available in the online industry.

Google Adsense is one of the popular and mostly used ad network.

Taboola,, Infolinks, Adsterra, etc are the other ad network from which you can make money.

2. Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular method to make a decent amount of money.

The affiliate market has a very simple concept, when you refer someone about some service/product then this service provider will pay you some percent.

You can make money by providing some affiliate link on your blog and the best thing is you don't need much more traffic to generate sales.

But, you just need very targeted traffic, and believe me, you earn much more than any other method.

3. Link Selling: 

There are lots of bloggers who are looking for link building they have money to buy a link from the high authority site.

Because getting a link from a high authority site is very beneficial for the SEO and ranking in SERP.

For getting paid from this method you need to make your blog the highest authority and then the people in your niche will contact you for the link and you charge them accordingly.

4. Sponsorship:

Sponsorship is also the method of earning money from a blog.

But for that, you need to grow your blog and make your blog popular in your niche. So that the highest paying sponsors will come to you and collaborate with you.

Chapter 10: Best Tools You Must Use in Blogging

chapter-10-Future Strategies-to-Grow-in-Blogging
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I want to congratulate you that you make a successful blog and I wish you will be successful in this Industry.

But wait,

I am also sharing some future process which is required in order to tell google that you have created the blog.

Guess what I am talking about?

1. Google Search Console:

I am talking about Google search console which is also known as Google webmaster tool.

If you have created your blog then you need to inform Google to get fast results.

Google search console is a completely free tool and is own by google itself.

You can manage all of your link, traffic, and blog-related issue through Google search console.

2. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is also a Google's tool that is used for many purpose.

By Google analytics, you can see your visitor behavior on your blog, how much time visitors spend on your site, and many more.

Just submit your site in Google analytics as well and you will automatically know all the features of this tool.


In this post, I have shared 9+ simple steps to start your blog this year.

We learned that "How to start a blog in India?"

Summary of How to start a blog in India 2021 completely from scratch.

  1. First of all, we learn that how to select a profitable niche to run a blog.
  2. Next, we learn how we can select a domain name for the niche.
  3. Then we find a good and affordable hosting provider to host our site on the blog.
  4. Then, We set up our blog on WordPress.
  5. We select the lightweight and super-fast WordPress theme.
  6. We install some important plugins.
  7. Then, we learn some awesome tips to write the first blog post.
  8. After that, we Promote our blog on social media to gain traffic.
  9. We learn some methods to make money from the blog.
  10. And finally, we learn some important blogging tips.

So, I wish this blog post will help you to start a blog in 2021.

If you have any questions or have any problems just let me know in the comment section I will definitely answer you.

Now it's your turn to apply all the tips and methods that I have shared with you in this article.

If you like this post then don't forget to share it with your friends, family members. 

Faq's of How to start a blog in india ?

Q1. How to Start a Blog and Make Money in India?

Starting a blog in India or every country is basically same. I have shared a complete guide on how you can start your blog in India? completely from scratch. So must read each and every line of this article and kick start your journey. Also I have shared some method of monetization and make money from your blog.

Q2. How to Install WordPress on Hostinger Hosting?

Installing WordPress on hostinger hosting is very simple. Read the guide in Chapter 4: Setup Your Blog on WordPress and you are good to go.

Q3. How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog in India?

As a beginner you need very little investment like 1$ to 4$/Month for the hosting suggested by me. The best part is if you go with premium hosting plan you get domain name completely free for 1 year.

Q4. How can I get more traffic on my blog?

I have shared some blog promotion technique that will increase the traffic on your blog. You can check out Chapter 8: Promote Your Blog In Right Way.

Q5. Which Hosting is Best for Beginners?

If you are beginner and want to start your blog then hostinger is very cheap and affordable webhosting in 2021. Refer the Chapter 3: Find Good and Affordable Hosting to get more info.

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